Influence of engine oil on engine work

Placed: 14.08.2018

With the current pace of life, people need to have time to make it everywhere. A car has become a reliable assistant in their daily activities. But any metal assistant needs care. The most important “body” of the car is the engine! In order to ensure high-quality, smooth operation of the engine, it is necessary to pass maintenance in time, to treat responsibly the operating conditions of the vehicle, and to treat the choice of oil with no less responsibility. 

The engine oil is an integral part and a guaranty of perfect work of your car! 

     The operating engine has many parts that move one relative to one. As a result, friction occurs, which leads to the heating of parts and their wear. The most effective way to protect it is to apply an appropriate amount of oil between the friction surfaces. Herein you need to know what type of engine oil you need for your engine. Be sure to take into account a number of important parameters: viscosity at high and low temperature, tolerances for SAE and ACEA, a basic basis and, accordingly, take into account the individual features and conditions of operation of your vehicle. 

       To find out exactly how the engine oil affects engine operation, it is necessary first of all to know which functions are inherent to engine oil in general. So, there are 3 main functions: 

1) lubricating (reduces friction, prevents wear of parts); 

 2) purification (removes plaque and contamination on the surfaces of parts); 

 3) cooling (takes away the extra heat). 

Engine oils have a wide range of positive effects on the operation of your engine. They first of all: 

– Protect components of the engine from premature wear and corrosion. Support minimum level of deposits in the combustion chamber; 

– Contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption; 

– Protect from overheating, cool parts; 

– Provide easy engine start; 

– Reduce friction. 

   Engine oil plays an important role in engine operation. The lifetime of your car, the level of fuel economy, and the schedule of maintenance depend exactly on the quality of the engine oil. 

   Taking into account all these requirements, it should be noted that Optimal engine oils are the best choice for your car. 

     After all, there is a good opportunity to get the oil of high quality at a low price from the domestic manufacturer. Optimal oils are produced using the technology and with using of additives of Infineum and Afton Chemical, and on the base of very high-quality base oils. 

  Among those who have been using oil under the trademark “Optimal” for a long time are industrial enterprises, agricultural enterprises, enterprises of freight and passenger transport, and motorists both in Ukraine and abroad. 

  The constant growth of the number of satisfied consumers is one of the best criteria of high quality of Optimal engine oils.